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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Picture This Badge - Update Story

This was the original story from March 2nd 2012. 

"Last night, I was hosting the Camera Badge night for our 1st Caledon East Girl Guides here at the studio.
I had spent some time planning the evening centered around the 8 criteria required to get the girl guide camera badge. I wanted to make it fun and hands on so the girls remember more and have fun learning. I decided to cover the theory part first so we can do the fun stuff later.

Not even realizing why, I had chosen for the hands on part,  #4 on their Girl Guide of Canada sheet which was "Use five pictures to illustrate a children's book or a poem".  It did require a bit of research. But this is what we did.

After printing a few short stories, poems and fables,  I set a simple scene at the studio with white background and a few props as a base. We had a fence, some flowers and a butterfly. I picked out a few more props, and accessories like hats, feather boas, umbrellas and suitcases that the girls would be allowed to use.

We made 5 teams. Each team had to read their story or poem together and decide on 5 pictures that would illustrate what they had just read. Then, they prepared with a few props and we proceeded to taking the 5 pictures. Each girl got to take at least one of the pictures. so they experienced holding and shooting with a professional camera hooked up to the studio strobe lights. And shooting looking through the viewfinder...

After everyone had their turn shooting and being in the picture, I got all the photos printed. They each received their five pictures and their printed story. They took those home to physically cut and paste, decorate and put in their scrapbooks. 

The irony of it all is that I picked that particular activity because I thought it would be the most fun for them. I wasn't even realizing that this is the type of "pictures" I love to do. Illustrate a story with pictures is what I do all the time here at the studio with the Tattle Tales and even when I cover a wedding or event. This IS really what it is all about isn't it? It's all about the story... I haven't just been saying that. I have been meaning it too.

I had just as much fun as they did. It was an absolute joy to see their faces all lit up throughout the whole experience. 

I was also very pleased with how they left the studio. All tidied up and clean. Thank you girls!

I really hope this gives you a good sense of what could be possible to do with a camera :) "

Now here is the update:

The girls went on to complete the other items required to obtain their "Picture This" badge. And now a month later, we get to see the work of one of the teams. 

Here is the story of team: Isabella, Paisley and Stephanie. By Stephanie

Their story was "A child of spring"  They illustrated it beautifully!
They decided on their 5 images, went on taking pictures of each other and put it all together in their scrapbooks.

Here is another example from the same team.

This is how Paisley put her story together. 

It is really quite rewarding to see the finished story ! 
I hope to host "Picture This" again next year :)

Now on with the Pathfinders and their "Camera Crazy" badge .

Thank you to all the beautiful girl guides!


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